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Our Jewelry Repair Services

Frederick Fisher Jewelers has established itself as Flagstaff’s premier destination for professional jewelry repair. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, our team of expert jewelers understands that your jewelry carries not only monetary value, but also sentimental worth. Our skilled artisans specialize in repairing a wide range of jewelry, including engagement rings, fine jewelry, watches, and beaded necklaces, using only the highest quality materials and techniques. Whether you need ring resizing, stone replacement, or other repairs, Frederick Fisher Jewelers is dedicated to restoring your treasured pieces to their original condition, right in our store. Trust us to handle your most precious possessions with care and expertise.

Ring Sizing

For those who struggle with finding the perfect fit for their wedding band or other rings, Frederick Fisher Jewelers offers exceptional ring resizing services. Our skilled jewelers can resize rings to ensure a perfect fit all year round, taking into account factors such as lifestyle changes and weather.

Diamond Prong Repair
Frederick Fisher Jewelers offers a top-notch Diamond Prong Repair service for your precious stones. Our skilled jewelers can bend, retip, or replace damaged prongs while ensuring the security of your stone.
Ring Head or Setting Replacement
Frederick Fisher Jewelers now offers Ring Head or Setting Replacement service, where expert jewelers replace damaged or worn-out settings with high-quality options for a flawless makeover.
Chain or Clasp Repair
Frederick Fisher Jewelers’ Chain or Clasp Repair service offers professional and reliable repair for broken or damaged chains and clasps.
Stone Replacement
Frederick Fisher Jewelers offers top-notch stone replacement services and will replace lost or damaged gems with precision and care.
Polishing and Cleaning
Our experts use high-quality tools and techniques to restore your pieces’ shine and brilliance. Trust us to take care of your precious gems and keep them looking like new.

Quick & Easy Process

Our Premium Repair Process

Step 1: Get in touch with a jeweler- Stop by our store, or contact us ahead of time to schedule an appointment. 

Step 2: Receive an estimate- Our trained staff will listen to your needs and quote you with an estimate that will include the cost and timeframe for the repair. 

Step 3: Repaired by an expert with over 40 years of experience- Your jewelry will be in the care of professional jewelers that have been trusted by the flagstaff community for over 40 years!

Step 4: Pickup from Frederick Fisher Jewelers (returned cleaned and polished)- Once your repair is done, we will let you know and you will be able to pick up your treasured piece as sparkling as the day it was bought.

Colored Stone Jewelry Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ
Colored Stone Jewelry Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ

Get Your Jewelry Repaired Today!

Don’t let your broken jewelry gather dust! Bring it in for repair today. Our expert jewelers will have it looking new again. Call us for availability.

Jewelry Repair Frequently Asked Questions

How long does jewelry repair take?

The time it takes to repair your jewelry will depend on the amount of repairs necessary. Small, simple repairs can usually be done same day, while more intensive repairs can take up to a week. 

What kind of jewelry do you repair?
We repair a variety of jewelry types and styles. We offer repair services for watches, rings, bracelts, necklaces and more!
Do you repair watches?

Yes we offer watch repair services including battery replacements, removal of links and movement fixes or overhauls.

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