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Give the Gift of A Smile

Shopping for jewelry is a personalized and unique experience for everyone. Knowing which type of stone, setting, or metal preference can be overwhelming. You don’t just want to give that special someone a mediocre gift they never wear; you want it to be perfect! Gift cards are a great way to make everyone happy!

When you give that special someone a gift card, you’re giving the gift of a smile and the opportunity to walk into Frederick Fisher Jewelers and have a customized and personalized experience with our in-store employees. They can walk around and decide for themselves what they love, and you know they’ll wear it every day!

At Frederick Fisher Jewelers of Flagstaff, AZ, we take pride in the relationships we build with our customers. If our jewelers can’t help you find the right piece of jewelry, we can even custom-make whatever you’re thinking of!

Our experts are happy to answer any of your questions and guide you in the process.



Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ

Jewelry Sales

Whether a gift for yourself or a loved one, our large selection of jewelry is sure to accommodate all budgets, needs, and interests. Old or new, classic or trendy, we have a wide variety of styles and brands to choose from. Find just the piece you’re looking for at Frederick Fisher Jewelers.

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Jewelry Repair

Our expert jewelers have worked hard to earn your trust over the last 40 years. We understand your jewelry can have as much emotional value as it can be monetary. Let our expertly trained jewelers repair your treasured piece right in the store.

Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ

Watch Repair, Sizing & Sales

Our expertly trained staff can help you find the perfect solution to your time-keeping needs. We offer a wide range of watch styles and brands to choose from. We also offer watch repair services including battery replacements, removal of links and movement fixes or overhauls.

Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ

Clock Sales

Clocks are an important part of a family’s home, typically passed down through the generations. As the kids grow and family members come and go, a home’s clock maintains its consistent passage of time. Head over to our clocks resource page to see the unique and classic clocks we have for sale in Flagstaff, Arizona at Frederick Fisher Jewelers.

Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ


We can perform appraisals on just about anything, give us a call to schedule an appointment today. We’ll inspect your jewelry, whether it’s an antique or newer piece of jewelry, and give you an estimated value to help protect it against loss, theft, and damage.

We do formal written insurance appraisals on jewelry purchased from our store so it can be insured and we also do appraisals on jewelry that you have from other places and gifts that you might have received. There is no charge on merchandise purchased from our store that needs an appraisal. The fee for other jewelry starts at $150.00.

Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ

Restringing Pearls & Beads

Pearls are strung on silk cords that naturally expand with time leaving space between the knots. Over time, dust and dirt will get on the cord and then on the pearl or bead. To protect and extend the life of your piece, we recommend getting your pearls and beads restrung every 5 years.

Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ

Cleaning & Inspection

Ensure that your jewelry lasts many lifetimes by having it cleaned and inspected regularly. You can drop your jewelry off when you arrive at the mall and we’ll clean and inspect it for you while you’re shopping. Cleaning is free – even if you didn’t purchase your jewelry at Frederick Fisher Jewelers.



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Mother’s Day

With so many great Mother’s Day jewelry options on the market and hundreds of choices between online and in-person jewelry stores, finding the right jewelry piece can be overwhelming. Gift cards are a great option to have your spouse or mom come in store to pick out the perfect jewelry piece! Our experts are happy to educate you on fine jewelry options and assist you in narrowing down your choices.

We have a large selection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces that would be perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. Let her pick out the perfect piece of jewelry that is guaranteed to put a smile on her face when you grab your gift card today!

Father’s Day

When it comes to celebrating all the dads out there, Frederick Fisher Jewelers has your back! There’s nothing better than a new watch that he’ll wear every day. He’ll be reminded of the fact that you picked that watch out with love!

If your dad is tricky to shop for, gift cards are a great option.

Watches Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ
Seiko Clocks Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ

Push Presents

You might be wondering, “What’s a push present?” A push present is a sentimental gift that you give your spouse or partner after they’ve given birth to your child to commemorate a special time. Oftentimes, these push presents are passed down to your children when the time is right and that present becomes a family heirloom.

These push presents are often sentimental and special for the mom-to-be and usually include the child’s birthstone. This can be a really tricky gift to pick up and we recommend that the mom-to-be have the time to pick something unique and special.

This is a great opportunity to surprise her with a gift card and let her know she can pick out or custom design her own push present! 


Finding a Frederick Fisher Jewelers gift bag under the tree will bring a smile to that special someone’s face! Talk about a memorable gift. But maybe they’re hard to shop for, or you don’t want to take a chance that they won’t love their Christmas gift.

A gift card is a perfect option to put under the tree instead! It’s a win-win situation. They get exactly what they want, and you can go with them in-store to see what they love for the next special holiday!

Ornamental Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ
Seiko Clocks Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ

Order or Pick Up Your Gift In-Store Card Today!

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