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Bridal & Engagement Jewelry

Jewelry stores are not hard to come by. Finding ones that have your best interests at heart are. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. You’re not looking for some generic, run-of-the-mill ring to symbolize your love forever. You want it to be perfect!

That’s why we at Frederick Fisher Jewelers of Flagstaff, AZ take pride in the relationships we create with our customers. Jewelers can’t help you find the right piece of jewelry for the special occasions in your life if they don’t first build trust with and an understanding of what their clients are looking for. Our experts are happy to answer any of your questions and guide you in the process. Let us help you find that special ring for that special someone.

Selecting Wedding & Engagement Jewelry

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for women can be nerve-racking. Throw in wedding and bridal sets that are now being offered and it can be downright confusing. First of all, what is a bridal set vs an engagement ring? Bridal sets allow you to “kill two birds with one stone” and include both the engagement ring and the wedding ring for her. Wedding sets include both of these rings plus the man’s ring. These options can save you money, make choosing easier on the groom-to-be, and allow you to have matching rings.

Whether you’re looking for men’s engagement rings or a complete set, we offer limitless possibilities. Build the perfect ring on the Stuller website or search through Barkev’s engagement rings and wedding sets. Thorsten makes stunning men’s bands. Looking for a matching set? Their diversity of band widths makes this possible. Looking for something unique? Colored diamonds and other gemstones are growing in popularity. Browse our selection of Stuller-colored stone jewelry or gold gemstone jewelry.

We take pride in the quality of our products and want our customers to be just as satisfied. That’s why we offer only the best to our Flagstaff, AZ clients and beyond. Begin your happily-ever-after story with us today!

Ready to window shop or get serious about purchasing a unique engagement ring or wedding band? Read on to learn more about what to look for in a diamond to get the most for your money.

Bridal & Engagement Rings Frederick Fisher Jeweler Flagstaff AZ
Engagement Rings Frederick Fisher Jewelers Flagstaff AZ

The Four C’s When Choosing an Engagement Ring:

Naturally, a comfortable fit is an important aspect of choosing an engagement ring. But, deciding between diamonds is a bit trickier. That’s why the “4 C’s” have been put into place: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat. This system helps you compare and choose what is the best diamond for your needs and budget.

All of these characteristics are important, but some more so than others. Of course, the higher grade a diamond is, the better quality it is. However, it doesn’t need to be the best quality in each category to still be a beautiful diamond.

Consider your priorities when choosing a diamond. Is the “sparkle factor” the most important? Or perhaps you want the clearest of all diamonds? Keep these in mind when making your comparisons.

Read on to learn more about each of the 4 C’s to help you in the ring buying process.


The color of diamonds is evaluated on a 23-grade scale. The clearest, or most colorless stones, are rated as D and continue down to Z, which has the most yellow tint. Since clear diamonds are the most highly valued and rarest, they will be the most expensive option. That said, you can still find stunning, colorless diamonds in the G to I range that will be much more budget-friendly.

Diamond Jewelry Frederick Fisher Jeweler Flagstaff AZ
Diamond Jewelry Frederick Fisher Jeweler Flagstaff AZ


The cut is the most complex, and important, aspect of choosing a diamond. This is because it determines how much a diamond sparkles, depending on the way light plays off of and through the facets of the stone. Precisely cut diamonds channel more light through the crown. Light escapes through ones that have been cut too deep or shallow.


Diamonds, being a naturally-occurring material in the earth, are prone to imperfections. While it is a diamond cutter’s job to avoid as many of these as possible, some stones may still end up with some minor ones, called inclusions and blemishes. Clarity refers to the lack of these imperfections. There is a scale for these as well, starting with Flawless, the rarest and most expensive diamonds, and ending with Included 3, which may include several flaws and are the least expensive. It’s worth noting that these abnormalities are very often nearly impossible to recognize with the naked eye.

Wedding Jewelry Frederick Fisher Jeweler Flagstaff AZ
Wedding & Engagement Diamonds Frederick Fisher Jeweler Flagstaff AZ


Contrary to popular belief, carat refers to how much a diamond weighs, not how large it is size-wise. But, carat does play a part in how big a stone looks. This factor, too, will affect the price of a diamond. The heavier the stone, the higher the cost of the ring. 1.0 to 1.09-carat diamond engagement rings are the most popular, but plenty of people also purchase ones slightly lighter or slightly heavier. It all depends on personal preference and budget.

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